Institutional Repository (IR)

TAR UMT Institutional Repository (IR) is a digital collection of the University’s intellectual and research output, comprising:

TAR UMT IR can be accessed 24/7 from both on and off campus. The steps to access/download the full-text content of the IR are as follows:

            Step 1: Go to https://eprints.tarc.edu.my

                        Alternatively, click on the “TAR UMT Institutional Repository (IR)” tab on the Library webpage.

            Step 2: Perform a Quick Search using any search terms.

            Step 3: Click on the Download link or the document format icon.

            Step 4: Login with your TAR UMT Intranet credentials.


i. Download of the full-text content is for educational/ scholarly purposes only.

ii. Answers to past year examination papers are not available in TAR UMT IR. Students may consult their lecturers for the answers.