User Education Programme

The Library conducts a number of user education programmes, comprising:

     i.  Library induction programme

The library induction programme is conducted during Mass Call. It aims to introduce new students to the collections, services and facilities offered by the Library. The library induction programme rewards students with Graduate Attribute (GA) points as recognition for their efforts.

Besides in-person sessions, a virtual induction programme which comprises an animated online video, online quiz (available during new intake time) plus an online tour of the Library building is also available for self-paced learning.

(Sign-in using TAR UMT Gmail Credentials)

 ii.  Library training sessions

The Library offers both individual and faculty level training sessions covering the following topics:

Register online: Training Registration Form

Note: Training will only be conducted during the Library's office hours.

In addition, the Library also hosts trainings/workshops on academic publishing and authorship, referencing tools, online services and/or resources in collaboration with the publishers and vendors.